Take Charge of Your Health Naturally

Essential oils are one of the most powerful healing agents nature has to offer. The therapeutic properties of essential oils are used to treat ailments, promote well-being and good health. 

Diffusing essential oils into the air is one of fastest and effective ways to gain the therapeutic benefits from essential oils.  Diffuse essential oils to reduce germs, prevent colds and flu and provide support to the immune system. 

Diffusers come in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes. 

Essential oils are ideal to use in nearly any health plan. It’s most likely that an effective essential oil remedy exists for conditions ranging from emotional concerns,  common illnesses and minor injuries. Essential oils are economical, safe, easy to use, and non-invasive.

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are used to safely transfer the essential oils onto your body, lowering the risk of skin irritation. They can also provide additional skin nourishing benefits. 

There a many types of carriers available to dilute essential oils. Some common carriers include, shea butter, cocoa butter, and unscented lotion to name a few.  

Do not apply essential oils to the skin without using a carrier.


 Quality essential oils provide calming effects and is an effective way to improve your emotions immediately. Use essential oils to de-stress and promote emotional health. 

Untreated symptoms and causes of stress will negatively affect your health and well-being and can lead to serious illness. When your worried and under pressure relaxation will help balance your body and mind. Essential oils leave you refreshed and ready to cope by working  to relax your nervous system. 

  • Anxiety can be a debilitating response to stress. Inhalation of essential oils can balance the senses before deep depression sets in.
  • Depression can lower the immune system response which can worsen mental and physical health.
  • These oils can help combat mental fatigue which can lead  to exhaustion.
  • Essential oils are effective in easing grief. 
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD. Fall and winter can trigger feelings of tiredness, sadness, and depression. In most cases essential oils can help turn these feelings around. 

Frankincense brings balance and peace, deepen spiritual understanding

Lavender soothing, promotes relaxation, calms emotional anxiety, relieve insomnia

Lemongrass relieves depression, improves concentration,  eases insomnia

Orange is fresh bright and up lifting for the spirit, helps to brighten moods

Clove Bud improves focus and concentration

Lemon helps regulate mood swings, boost alertness

Grapefruit relieves heavy emotional burdens, help relieve depression

Peppermint  enhances positivity, relieves depleted energy

Cedarwood is grounding, supports confidence during challenging times


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A sound sleep is vital to our mind and body health. Insomnia is a common response to stress that can cause exhaustion. Add essential oils to your bedtime routine to provide calm and relaxation, for a healthy sleep.  

Lavender is an excellent sleep aid promoting relaxation helping you to ease into sleep. It helps calm emotional stress and reduce anxiety. 

Frankincense is a tonic encouraging emotion healing on all levels. It reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and opens up breathing. 


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Trigger the body’s natural healing process with a massage and essential oils which stimulate the flow of blood and lymph fluid. Essential oil aromas acts upon the emotional center of the brain, governing the way we feel.

Enjoy the valuable gift of touch. Massage therapy brings about an all over feeling of relaxation and well-being. The carrier oil nourishes the skin while the essential oils help soothe away discomfort and encourages relaxation. A massage can leave you feeling renewed and energized. 

Aches and Pain

Pain can be a huge burden, causing us to be both physically and emotionally unhealthy. Being overly stressed can create tension leading to physical symptoms.  

Headaches are often the first signs of stress. There are several types of  headaches that can be triggered by many different things. Symptoms can include allergies and stiff neck muscles.  Essential oils can provide pleasant relief.  lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, rosemary

Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can be eased with the help of essential oils. 

Sciatica is one of the leading conditions of nerve pain. It occurs when the sciatic nerve which runs down the side and back of leg is compromised in some way. This can cause low back pain, shooting pains, and leg weakness. 

Hand crafted blends can be formulated to address your individual  concerns.  

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Essential oils that can help relieve sore muscles and aching joints include: peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, frankincense, lemongrass.

Muscle Pain

Release tired and overworked muscles. Ease  spasms and tightness with essential oils. 

Hand crafted blends can be formulated to address your individual  concerns.  

Book a confidential consultation with a certified aromatherapist. 904-878-8001 joynelaromas@outlook.com  

Joint Pain

Essential oils provide anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties to relieve joint pain, including arthritic and rheumatic conditions.

Hand crafted blends can be formulated to address your individual  concerns.  

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Skin is the body’s largest organ. Much care is needed to keep skin supple, hydrated and germ free. Essential oils and carriers oils aid in the skins healing process and are excellent for addressing all types of skin conditions including: anti-aging, acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, scaring, cuts, burns and many other concerns.

Take care in using phototoxic essential oils on the skin. These oils can contribute to sun sensitivity and skin damage when exposed to UV rays within 12 hours of sun exposure. Phototoxic  essential oils include most citrus oils such as lemon, cold pressed lime, bergamot, and grapefruit.  

Cedarwood is wound healing and has antimicrobial and is antibacterial actions. The astringent and antiseptic qualities address acne and scars concerns.

Frankincense has astringent properties to help minimize wrinkles and pores, evens skin tone, tightens skin, kills bacteria.

Lavender is very supportive for skin and has the ability to heal the skin. It’s antifungal, anti bacterial anti-inflammatory. Has anti-allergic activity. 

Clove Bud has antifungal and antibacterial actions.  Helps clear and prevent acne. 

Orange is an antiseptic, has astringent and anti-inflammatory qualities, can tone skin and reduce secretions.

Tea Tree has the potential to be an excellent anti-acne treatment. It has astringent, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions, helps accelerate healing of wounds and minimize scars.